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David Hockney Foundation

David Hockney Art Exhibition

Our brand identity for the upcoming David Hockney exhibition is an artistic embodiment of the legendary artist's creative journey. It seamlessly marries his distinctive style with modern design elements, echoing the vibrant spirit that defines Hockney's work. The logo, an elegant fusion of bold typography and fluid lines, captures Hockney's penchant for vivid expression. Its dynamic curves mirror the artist's brushstrokes, while the choice of colors pays homage to his iconic palette. This visual centerpiece resonates with Hockney enthusiasts and newcomers alike, signaling the fusion of tradition and innovation that the exhibition represents. Our color palette is an homage to Hockney's love affair with nature's spectrum, encompassing both bold, vivid tones and delicate, soothing hues. This spectrum represents the diverse emotions his art evokes, creating a cohesive visual language throughout the exhibition materials. Typography follows suit, mirroring Hockney's eclectic approach. A balanced combination of classic and modern fonts bridges the gap between the artist's timeless legacy and the contemporary world. This thoughtful juxtaposition speaks to the exhibition's goal: honoring tradition while inviting new interpretations.

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